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Welcome to h50_gen - a Gen only Community for fanworks of the TV-Show "Hawaii 5-0".

Definition of Gen

For the purposes of this Community the definition of Gen is as following:

Gen stands for General, and related to fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, fanmixes, icons and podfics that focuses on the 'general' aspects of a fandom. This excludes fanworks focusing on relationships either of a romantic/het/slash nature. It includes hurt/comfort, episodes tags, AUs, casefic, etc as long as the fanworks meet the first requirement.

So, no focus on romantic and/or sexual relationships. Also, please no pre-slash/het. Canon pairings are okay as long as they are not the focus of the fic/video/art/icon/fanmix/podfic.

Here are some examples what's okay and what not.

Letting Steve wake up with Catherine at the beginning of a story or let him be called away from a date? Okay. Telling us what they've been up to in the night or what will happen after the date if it involves sex? Not okay.

Letting Danny remember a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed with Rachel when everything was still all right? Okay, as long as it is not the focus of the fic. Showing us what they've been up to? Not okay.

Creating a video/art/icon/fanmix/podfic about Kono and Danny and their working relationship or friendship? Okay. Creating a ship video/art/icon/fanmix/podfic about them? Not okay.

When in doubt, please ask a Mod in the „Page a Mod“ post (comments are screened).


Please heed the following rules. If you don't a Mod will comment on your post and from then on you will have at least 48 hours to correct your post (except for violation of the Spoiler Policy – these posts will be corrected/deleted as soon as they come to the attention of a Mod). If you don't correct your post within the given time, it will be deleted. You are welcome to re-post your fic/art/video/icons/fanmix/podfic when you follow the rules.

1) This is a Gen only Community. Please have a look at the „Definition of Gen“ before posting to this Community.
2) Welcome are fanfics, art, icons, videos, fanmixes and podfics as long as they are Gen.
3) RPF is not allowed.
4) No flaming, bullying and bashing (members of the Community or the characters) are allowed.
5) Please heed the Spoiler and Warning policy.
6) Please tag your posts. It helps people, who discover this Community later, to find what they are interested in more easily.
Your post must have an Author/Artist/Reader tag, a Season/episode tag (if appropriate), a warning tag (if appropriate) and character tags. The genre and rating tags are optional but you are encouraged to use them. :)

If you need an Author/Artist/Reader tag, please use the „*Mods-I need an Author/Artist/Reader tag“ tag.
If you need an other tag please use the „*Mods-I need a tag“ tag and comment to your post with what you need. A Mod will create the tag for you and add it to your post.

A list with all tags can be found here.

7) Please use the following header for fanfics:


Everything else like Wordcount, Rating, Authors Note and so on is optional.

Please use the following header for art/videos/icons/fanmixes:


Everything else like Artists Notes, Ratings, Programms or Songs used, Credits for screencaps or brushes and so on are optional.

Please use the following header for podfics (and please give us a link to the story too):


Everything else like Wordcount, Length, Rating, Authors/Readers Notes and so on is optional.

8) You can post your fic directly to the Community or just a link to your journal/web space/AO3/what you have. If you should choose to post directly to the Community, please put it under a LJ Cut regardless of the length.
9) Please only post 3 icons as a teaser outside the LJ Cut, when you choose to post all your icons directly to the Community.
10) Please only post a small-ish teaser of your art outside the LJ Cut, when you choose to post your art directly to the Community.
11) Please put your streaming Video inside a LJ Cut.
12) Crossovers/Fusion with other shows/movies/books are allowed.
13) Before promoting a Community, please ask a Mod (Page a Mod or Affiliate).
14) Last, but not least, the maybe the most important rule: Have fun! :)

If you need to reach a Mod or have a question regarding the rules or the Community in general, please comment in the Page a Mod post. Comments will be screened at first and unscreened when a Mod replies to them – except if you state in your comment that you would prefer if your comment isn't unscreened.


You want to affiliate with us? Sure! Just drop us a comment at the Affiliate Post and we'll add you – being an H50 or an other fandom Community.

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